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Cyber & Data Law

Most of the data known to man has been created in the last two years. Information is a source of competitive advantage. Poorly organised information can significantly hinder your ability to take advantage of the cumulative learning and opportunities your company has developed. The proliferation of information and its use has led to a revolution in information intelligence. ‘Big data’ is a phrase that is now in common use.

We advise on the law relating to the legal access to and use of information intelligence. As a user of such data, or a provider of it, you need to know and be certain of the regulations attached to its use. Of course, should you become subject to the illegal use of data relating to you, you need to know what your options are.

Cyber Law

Cyber and data security is the proactive use of electronic media to package and protect your key data from the risk of theft, disruption and sabotage. Cyber and data security is about being proactive and smart. Cyber threats to data integrity are an evolving threat. Failure to protect the information which defines your business in the face of cyber threat, crime and misuse may result in a significant impairment of your ability to trade.

Our advice extends to a number of methods for protecting your business against cyber-attack. We can advise on the implications and limitations of using proprietary technology to safeguard your systems and information, how to share your information with third parties safely and how to intervene with immediate action if your information or systems are threatened.

Data Protection Law

The law relating to the storage and protection of critical data can be complex. Attacks on the way you house personal and business-critical information can result in business paralysis and have very serious implications should personal and sensitive data be misused or stolen.

We provide integrated advice relating to compliance with relevant law and regulation to proactive suggestions with respect to policy and process so as to diminish the risk of inadvertent breach. We can audit your approach; we can manage the fall-out should a breach occur.