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Through general and specialist advice we follow our mission to protect your business and help it grow. At VHenry&Co. we partner with you to ensure that your commercial aims are met and your risk position is protected. When you need further funding or when you considering an exit, we can take you through the process to investment or sale. Our startup legal services ensure that your new business is built on rock. With our fixed price service below, we can help guide you on any startup legal matter – if you can’t find the service you need, contact us and we’ll be happy to help. With us, each new business receives discounted rates for for 12 months.

Our Fixed Fees (plus VAT):

Company Formation £100
Registered Office £200
Startup Legal Bundle £1000
Confidentiality Agreement (NDA) £200
Employment Agreement £500
Contractor Agreement £500
Staff Handbook £600

Website Terms and Conditions £500
Privacy Policy £100

Shareholder Agreement £800
Option Agreement £400
Share Vesting Agreement £500
Share Subscription Agreement £600
Term Sheet £400
Share Purchase Agreement from £600

Trademark Registration £300
IP Assignment Agreement £250
Intellectual Property Licence Agreement £550

Contract for Services £800
Contract for Goods and Services £800

EIS/SEIS Application from £1000
EMI Option Plan from £1500
Loan Agreement from £200