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Why Us

We provide clear and commercial legal advice in specific areas of the law. We provide general, business and project-specific legal counsel where you want to outsource legal services.

We offer the choice of fixed fees or periodic charging. We use bespoke software and efficient communication methods to reduce our costs and manage your fees. The same business principles that apply to you, apply to us.

We offer a business-relevant, efficient and cost-conscious service. Lean and fit for purpose, we pass on our efficiencies to your bottom line. Always flexible; always transparent, VHenry&Co. differentiates through business-relevance, client focus and careful fee management.

Legal Advice

Our advice is based on what you tell us, what you require, and is:

  • commercial
  • sensitive to need
  • honest and fair

Business Counsel

VHenry&Co. Counsel work with your business for a pre-agreed period. Counsel are often considered where:

  • you require a senior third party to offer you advice, options and a sounding board (General Counsel)
  • you require specific or general advice within a particular business unit or subsidiary (Business Counsel)
  • you require experienced counsel for a specific project (Project Counsel)
  • you are unsure about the value of employing an in-house counsel and you want to establish it s value without an employment commitment

Fees are fixed and agreed at the outset of the relationship. Flexibility is a given.

To discuss your requirements, call us on 0333 9000 200.