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Legal Health Check

  • Have you considered the risks to the health of your business if you are using terms and conditions with your customers that you haven’t had checked?
  • Have you examined your supplier contracts and worked out what you can and can’t do, and what your risk is if you break the terms under which you trade?
  • What happens if the bank withdraw their facilities?
  • Can you improve the terms of those facilities?
  • What financing techniques could you use that puts you in a better position than you are currently in?
  • What rights do your employees have?
  • Are you protected under your contract of employment? Do you have a staff handbook?
  • Is your business structured in the most tax efficient way?
  • Are you giving money away that you can otherwise keep?

In a busy company, with never enough hours in the day, you may have missed something. No one can think of everything. Would a fresh pair of eyes help? Would the security of knowing that you have done your best to insure your business against the worst of what can be thrown at you? Our legal and commercial health check will provide two clear benefits to your business:

  • The opportunity to have a third party examine the risks you face
  • A summary of the improvements you can make

Contact us for a summary of this service and how this might benefit you.